I UK [ˈmɒd(ə)rət] / US [ˈmɑd(ə)rət] adjective **
1) neither very great nor very small in amount, size, strength, or degree

Cook the spinach over a moderate heat.

moderate increase/loss/growth:

This month has seen a moderate increase in house prices.

a) reasonable and avoiding extreme opinions or actions

She was on the moderate wing of the party.

The tone of his speech was quite moderate.

b) doing, eating, or drinking only sensible amounts of something

a moderate drinker (= of alcohol)

II UK [ˈmɒdəreɪt] / US [ˈmɑdəˌr(e)ɪt] verb
Word forms "moderate":
present tense I/you/we/they moderate he/she/it moderates present participle moderating past tense moderated past participle moderated
1) [intransitive/transitive] to make something less extreme, or to become less extreme

When Melanie came in, they moderated their language.

The pace of economic expansion has moderated.

2) [transitive] to be in charge of a discussion between people with different opinions, especially in order to make it fair to everyone involved
3) [intransitive/transitive] British to check that the marks given in an examination are fair and correct

III UK [ˈmɒd(ə)rət] / US [ˈmɑdərət] noun [countable]
Word forms "moderate":
singular moderate plural moderates
someone whose opinions and actions are reasonable and not extreme, especially in politics

The party is deeply divided between moderates and extremists.

English dictionary. 2014.


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